Tax burdens shifting 

Laura McFee has done an excellent job of outlining how the tax burden in America has been shifting from corporations to the individual and why the current revolt against higher home property taxes and Mayor Peterson’s poorly thought out 65 percent income tax hike to Marion County residents are gaining so much momentum (News, “Daniels Orders Business Tax Reassessment,” Aug. 1-8). The well-connected and their lobbyists have the attention of the politicians, regardless of party, but remember they are few in number compared to the rest of us. State and local office holders are running scared, hoping you will soon just adjust to your new barely surviving mode and they can run their well-crafted radio and TV ads to get you to vote them back in office again in upcoming elections.

The state’s unemployment rate under Gov. Mitch Daniels continues to rise, going from 3 percent to the current 5 percent. Almost all violent crime rates are up under Mayor Bart Peterson in the past seven and a half years and he suddenly appears to shift his focus from giving financial aid to indigent corporations to crime and other problems he has ignored in the past. He claims the city is practically broke but he still has $48 million in public money to hand out to J.B. Marriott, without any public discussion, to help them build yet another hotel in downtown Indianapolis. We know Peterson and Daniels, when they leave office, will return to the corporate sphere from which they came, and no doubt at much, much higher pay as their reward for doing their benefactors well at our expense.

Carl Kakasuleff

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