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I realize students can be ignorant, however if these two students used lies and bad ethics to gain access to and the trust of this organization, they are not ignorant and should be punished (Cover, “The Title of this Story is NOT UFO Sex Cult Sues IUPUI,” Aug. 8-15). By the time one has their first job, he should know not to sign his name to something if he didn’t intend to abide by whatever the document stated. Not to mention, I saw these advertisements firsthand and have read several interviews these two people have given regarding this and they did not portray the film as anything but a serious documentary. They have not been ignorant when marketing or when they want their names published. I don’t believe this cult is anything but ridiculous, however, these two “journalists” should be held accountable for their actions if they trespassed on the rights of anyone — including misleading the public by slandering the Raelians. IUPUI should also check their sources or at least preview material before allowing a “documentary” to be shown. If it’s a satire, comedy or if it’s intended to be published in the National Enquirer, then that’s how it should have been billed.
Posted by Skeptical Reader


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