Swing sets and flowerbeds 

"Plastic and steel are both recyclable, so you should slide on over to a nearby recycling center."

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My husband and I have been doing some landscape updates to our home. We removed a very old wood swing set with a molded plastic ladder (not in good shape) and removed some steel lawn edging from the flowerbeds. Are any of these items recyclable? If so, I would love some advice on where to take them. (We’re in Carmel/Hamilton County.)

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Plastic and steel are both recyclable, so you should slide on over to a nearby recycling center, like OmniSource, RecycleForce or RockTenn. Or, you could try putting the items in your Republic curbside recycling bin if they’re not too bulky. My contact at Republic offers this advice: if you’re unsure about a particular item, include it! They will sort out non-recyclable items. So, if you’re teetering on whether they will accept it, toss it in.

Check out Indiana Recycling Coalition’s recycling directory to find recycling centers close to you.

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(NOTE: This letter appeared in NUVO on Oct. 21, 2015.)


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