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Lisa Gauthier Driving Miss Daisy Indiana
Theater Lisa Gauthier Driving Miss Daisy Indiana Repertory Theatre Directed by Peter Amster Through May 21 The Indiana Repertory Theatre’s Driving Miss Daisy is sweet without ever getting sappy. The story of a curmudgeonly old lady and her black chauffeur from 1948 to 1973 is a tale of true friendship. Pricilla Lindsay as Daisy refuses to admit that she has gotten too old to safely drive a car. So her son Boolie (Charles Goad) hires Hoke (Ernest Perry Jr.) as her driver, explaining to Hoke that he will work for him, not Miss Daisy. Hoke is an easy-going and patient man who gives Miss Daisy just enough of a push to get her in the car. Once Daisy and Hoke are on the road, Daisy’s orneriness continues, but the friendship between the two begins to grow. Lindsay is a hoot as the spunky Daisy, and she takes Daisy from elderly to old woman realistically, without losing her personality. Perry as Hoke is a foil for Daisy’s stubbornness. Perry’s character is likable from the start. There is no question that after 25 years he would have made his way straight into her heart. Goad also delivers in his much smaller role, but manages to steal the stage a few times. The set design by Russell Metheny is ingenious, as pieces of stage zoom in and out to create car scenes or new locations. It is helped along by Ryan Koharchik’s lighting. Director Peter Amster crafted a version of the show that is well worth visiting, or re-visiting if you are a fan of the movie. Driving Miss Daisy will continue through May 21 on the IRT’s Mainstage, 140 W. Washington St. Tickets are $19-$49. Call 317-635-5252 or go to www.indianarep.com.

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