Sweatshop or socialist utopia 

So some Purdue students are on a hunger strike in an effort to force Purdue President Martin Jischke to guarantee the university will only purchase its logo labeled apparel from suppliers that pay their workers a living wage. That’s just great.
These 15 students may have the best of intentions as they try and stop the sweatshops saga so prevalent in Southeast Asia. But I have to wonder exactly which one of these brilliant future college grads is going to supply living expenses to the women who will lose their entire source of income when the free market is crushed by their fantasies of a socialist utopia.

The Purdue Organization for Labor Equality (POLE) shouldn’t stop with just a demand for union representation across the globe. What about a person who has a nicer home than his neighbor? We need a Purdue organization for home equality, too.

And what about automobiles? Is it right for my neighbor to have a brand new Mustang while I drive a rusted out Dodge Neon? I don’t think so! Mustangs for everyone could be the next social cause for Purdue’s community conscious youth.

What about people who are cold at work? I say temperature equality should also be a stated goal of United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). Seventy-five degrees sounds like a good temp to me, how about you?

I say let’s make everything equal, everything fair and everything communist. After all, look at the paradises created in North Korea and Cuba by people who dared to dream well before Purdue’s hunger striking geniuses were even born.

America’s campuses are so infested with socialist pushing minds that half the college students who read all of my previous paragraphs will probably believe I was being completely sincere in my requests for more activism!

Dan Blankenship
Lowell, Ind


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