Such a sad candidate 

Are you just trying to provoke people with the article in NUVO about the poor rich named John Kerry (Hammer, “The Ballad of John Kerry,” Jan. 31-Feb. 7). You know all you diehard liberals have Kerry being the 44th president and Gore being the 43rd president and history is not going to go down that way. We are not ever going to be sad about John Kerry not ever being our next president or our last president. A party should not ever put up such a sad candidate and even your past party chairman agrees with that. You must not be very open-minded about the issues and life.

You have in one paragraph that we would have a sane foreign policy; seems a bit difficult when you have insane people in the Middle East that keep stirring things up. You go on to say that the economy would be moving again. WHAT? We have unemployment down below where the normally unemployable people are even working, maybe you are one of them.

Steve, this is a pretty disgusting article and it is hard to believe you have such thoughts. You probably needed to go with Alec Baldwin and said you were going to leave the country if Bush got elected; this may be a better place without you.

Bill Taylor


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