Stuck on You 

(PG-13) 3 stars

(PG-13) 3 stars
The Farrelly brothers have a new comedy, but don’t expect the outrageous mix of sweetness and hilarity they offered in There’s Something About Mary. The latest, written and directed by Peter and Bobby, has considerable charm, a few laugh-aloud one-liners and some dandy slapstick, but this is much, much milder fare. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but to best enjoy the film, fans should probably dial their internal movie-o-meter down to the “amusing” setting. Thirty-two-year-old conjoined twins Bob (Matt Damon) and Walt (Greg Kinnear), linked at the hip and sharing a liver, have never let their condition stand in their way. In their neighborhood in Martha’s Vineyard, they’re just plain folks, slinging hash at the diner they own. Ah, but Walt has the acting bug. Fresh from his local theater triumph as Capote in a local production of the one-man show Tru, he wants to move to Hollywood and become a star. Though Bob is terribly shy (he cowers at the side, half bent over, whenever his brother performs), he reluctantly agrees. And so they land in Hollywood, staying at a run-down motel and tanning with neighbor April (Eva Mendes). Incredibly, Walt lands a job opposite Cher (Cher) in the new TV legal drama Honey and the Beaze. Little does Walt know that Cher insisted he be hired only because she wants out of her contract and is positive his appearance will insure a quick cancellation. Meanwhile, Bob must deal with May Fong (Wen Yann Shih), his L.A.-based Internet girlfriend. Seems he never got around to telling her about being linked to Walt, and now she’s coming for a visit. Damon and Kinnear are very good, both at line readings and physical comedy. Clearly, these boys rehearsed the slapstick. Cher deserves points for mocking her own image, though she seems to be sleepwalking through her early scenes. Meryl Streep has a lot of fun in a cameo appearance, particularly in a song and dance number late in the film. Seymour Cassel does fine as a dotty agent and Wen Yann Shih is sweet in her film debut. But Eva Mendes gets the best lines as the dingy neighbor. Seeing the brothers shirtless at the pool for the first time, she says, “Hey, you guys are stuck together! Where’d you get that done?” Later, informed of Cher’s evil plan, she chirps, “Oh, I love it when famous people turn out to be dickweeds!” Stuck on You is a genuinely sweet, often amusing and occasionally funny movie. Too mild, though, for my tastes.

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