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The Bacon Brothers are actually brothers – and yes, that includes that Kevin Bacon, alongside film and TV composer brother Michael Bacon. Together they create forosoco; that's folk, rock, soul, country, the genre they've determined represents their rootsy, Americana noodlings the best. But before they toured their music together, they played and made music together in their home. There's nine years in between the brothers, which means Michael was introducing Kevin to the British Invasion, instead of … whatever the '60s version of The Wiggles was, he says.

The Bacon Brothers play the State Fair Free Stage next week. Here's a bit of NUVO's interview with the Brothers.

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Here's Kevin on his big brother's influence: “He's listening to, maybe the British Invasion, the Beatles and Stones. Music is really, really exploding and changing, and at a point in my life where, if I didn't have older brothers and sisters, would be listening to … whatever the '60s version of The Wiggles would be, I was all into rock and soul. It was very, very influential.

And here's Michael on introducing music to his own kid: “I have a 33-year-old who was a Grateful Dead fan. He must have had a thousand cassettes. ...The difference between when Kevin and I were growing up was that the music of our parents was non-existent. It would be big band and that kind of stuff. Whereas, my son's generation absolutely adored the '60s, the '70s, the '80, and really cherished that music, almost more than I did! I think that's an interesting thing. I think it has good things, and it has bad things. I think it's good for generations to move on in music. And I'm not saying there hasn't been any progress in it – it's that over-nostalgia for that period sometimes gets to be a little on the intense side for me.” 


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