Splashtone.com launch party 

With Jer Gregg, Gnomeattic, Portside Sense
Birdy’s Bar & Grill
Saturday, May 26, 8:30 p.m., $5

What would happen if a childhood inventor of re-usable Velcro Band-Aids got together with a guy who came up with a now defunct Web site called Lunchinator.com?

Say hello to Splashtone.com.

A two-man operation created by Colin Mathews and Bob Cowherd, Splashtone.com is what has been missing from everyone’s life — everyone who is involved in music, that is.

Basically, there’s a new Google in town, and it’s throwing a party.

“The basic idea behind this is that we have a lot of artists that are out there that are getting all their gigs through cold calls, or MySpace or Craigslist, or informal places like that, and it’s a very difficult hit and miss process,” Mathews says.

An official sponsor of Birdy’s 2007 Battle of the Bands, Splashtone.com is having its company launch this Saturday at the bar. It promises to be an interesting night of eclectic music featuring everything ranging from the hard-nosed energy of Jer Gregg, to Portside Sense’s more experimental groove.

“We booked everyone for the launch party through the site,” Mathews says. “We want Indianapolis to shine through as a music city, like Seattle or Nashville.”
And a beacon Indianapolis will be. The site has only been up for two months, and Splashtone already has 130 artists signed on.

“The next big step is getting event planners involved,” he says. “Getting them to stop the paper and pencil method …”

Cowherd picks up Mathews’ thought, “In the same way Splashtone can empower artists who are just getting started. It can also empower smaller venues who can’t really afford advertising expenses.”

“We understand that switch is tough, but watch us, we’ll do it,” Mathews adds. “Follow our lead.”

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