Speakeasy with Rob Fitzgerald of Hero Pattern 

Rob Fitzgerald, cla

Rob Fitzgerald, classically trained and sporting a "fauxhawk mullet," plays bass for Jersey rockers Hero Pattern, who stopped in for the Midwest Music Summit. In a recent interview, Fitzgerald discussed the end of metrosexual rule and going out with the Warped tour.
Q: How did Hero Pattern materialize? A: We parted ways with our first drummer in 2001 without finding a replacement first. Jason [guitar and vocals] Kundrath's younger brother Michael had been quickly coming into his own as a drummer and we asked him to sit in with us temporarily for a gig we had coming up. With getting guitarist Pete Marceau, Jason and I were floored by his style and grace as a guitarist for years and we'd been bugging him to play with us for a while. By the time Michael was firmly in place, he joined up and started to get serious with us. We weren't officially a "band" until Jason and I bought a couple of sappy Hallmarks from the local drug store and presented them to Pete and Michael, formally asking them to join forces with us. They accepted our offer, Hero Pattern was born and we directly entered the studio the very next day. Q: Record release date? A: We're gearing up to have it released at the end of the summer. It's titled So Long To Everything You Knew. We recorded it over the winter with Andy Jackson from Hot Rod Circuit, Nate Albert from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Tim O'Heir [Flaming Lips, the Starting Line]. Q: Lasting impressions from your three MMS visits to Indy? A: We're just always impressed with how well the conference flows and that we can get Qdoba at any hour. The favorite memory is still sitting in a van outside the Patio with all of Loretta and Miranda Sound last year. That was a scene that was not for the weak of heart. Q: Don't you guys live near Sopranos country in Jersey? A: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Q: I'm sure you've never said that to anyone before ... Where did you come up with the band name? A: Some drunken bum in Dayton, Ohio, told us that we looked like a pattern of heroes. So we beat the crap out of him Sopranos style and took the name. Q: Have you considered braving the tunnel to NYC or perhaps even trying your luck the Midwest? A: You've got it all wrong. People who live in NYC don't want to come to Jersey because too many of them are hipster pussies. [Laughs.] And we're not too cool for the Midwest, maybe just too angry. Q: Have you guys ever trashed a hotel room or destroyed property? A: We can't afford hotel rooms. And if you consider our van property, then we're like the second coming of David Lee Roth. Trashed. Q: Riiiight. What have you guys been up to recently? A: We just performed on the Triple Crown stage at the Warped tour earlier this week and Mike and I went on the Warped tour for a couple of weeks with Hot Rod Circuit. I played bass and Mike worked the merch table for the band. While we were gone, Jason and Pete had a special gig playing stripped-down Hero Pattern songs rearranged for just the two of them to pull off. So, our schedule has been a little wonky. Yes, I said wonky. How about I say it got F'ed up?That's better. Metrosexuals are out, girls like their men to be real men again, and I'm here to answer the call. Grrrr.

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