Speakeasy with Nick Ohler of mythopeic productions 

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Nick Ohler is the head of the avant-friendly Mythopeic Productions and used to find rare Def Leppard 7-inches for me at his now-defunct A1 Records in Anderson, Ind., when I was 11. Mythopeic's non-profit team includes Anya Aslanova (Ohler's wife), Gregg Zion, Leah Zion, Bill Blood, Todd Bracik and Mike Diekoff. This week, Mythopeic hosts Richard Buckner with Anders Parker, The Hoovers at Radio Radio Thursday, July 14. More info at www.mythopeic.org.
Q: What is Mythopeic's mission? And what does the word mean? A: It's an old-school Greek word that means to create a new myth. I personally tie it to the creation of a new movement in art or music, combining all influences to single-handedly create a movement that changes the world, and rarely gets the credit or monetary gain. Our focus is on the originators. [The mission is] to bring this strange and unique music to interact with Indianapolis with the goal of the expansion of our culture. We want to make Mythopeic the mobile Knitting Factory of Indianapolis; to be a focal point on this underground railroad of a music circuit. Q: Specialization? A: This music goes by many names: free jazz, avant rock, experimental music, roots music or, best yet, creative music. Our focus is to bring the originators of the genre, the musicians that are changing and expanding the way music is made. Q: Is there an avant crowd here or is it about cultivation? A: A little of both. Indiana has had in the past an amazing heritage in experimental music, so, I guess it's in the collective subconscious somewhere waiting to be triggered. We do try to mix bills, in hopes of opening a new door for the audience. Q: Effective methods for vending experimental bills to traditionalists? A: Anything we can think of, giant posters made with spray paint on collaged scraps of wallpaper, to silk-screened, sand-blasted copper plates for posters. To crazy contests, like winning a bowling date with Wesley Willis, to robot piñatas. Mainly it just comes down to word of mouth of past shows, waking up in the morning with the Mythopeic stamp of quality still on your hand. Q: The ultimate, idealistic Mythopeic event? A: We want to do a Destination Festival, like Coachella, or A.T.P., to bring people from all over the country for a three to four day event. We just need to grow capital. Q: What's the Crappy Crappy Cassette Project? A: As part of Mythopeic's plan to bring eclectic music to Indianapolis, it's also our goal to eradicate the scourge of bad music in kind. Mythopeic will be distributing cassettes from among thousands carefully selected from the personal "Bad Music Archives." These tapes represent the absolute worst that popular music has had to offer over the last 30 years. The project has three interactive stages: [Distribution, Dissection and Destruction]. The tapes will be played simultaneously in a symphony of hundreds of boomboxes and then destroyed in entertaining and creative ways, with the audience's participation, of course.

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