Speakeasy with Kevin Fitzpatrick 

"Fitz" is a graphic

"Fitz" is a graphic artist, Web designer and drummer in local indie rock band Stranger Lazy and will soon be expatriating to Seattle, but not before showing his work at Oranje on Sept. 17.
Links of Interest: Illustration, Graphic Design Portfolio: www.kevinfitz.com / The Big Picture film site: www.thebigpicturefilm.com / Oranje, www.oranjeindy.com (designed by Kevin Fitzpatrick) Q: Your artistic mediums? A: My artwork is a direct explanation on thoughts I'm currently thinking ... Each piece has a purpose and a story, and it's up to the viewer to find their own story within the drawings. My work is mostly black and white ink pieces, with the occasional red and blue ink. I'm dabbling in watercolors, and colored pencils seem to be bringing my artwork to life lately. On larger pieces, I use crayons. I would also say that my artwork is very clean and cut, I use Pilot pens exclusively and it takes me about three to four hours per piece. Q: How does music influence your artwork? A: Music is an important part of my life. There are days where my iPod headphones don't leave my ears. Whenever I'm drawing, I'm always listening to music. Q: Anything in particular? A: When I was drawing the animations for [a project called] The Big Picture, I was listening to a lot of My Morning Jacket, Interpol, Built to Spill ... music that sounded as if I was traveling a long distance. The one album that's influenced my artwork the most is Perfect From Now On by Built to Spill. Q: Ideal career goals? A: I'm going to be world famous ... in a good way. Skip the Hollywood bullshit ... I'm looking at wanting to publish children's books, create building size murals in large cities all over the world, teach millions of kids how to draw, work for Pixar by developing scene sketches and storyboards. Ideally, I want to leave a mark on this planet, so that when I die, someone out there will remember that Kevin was once here. Sort of like Abraham Lincoln. Q: You're hoping to find what in the Pacific Northwest? A: I'm hoping to get punched in the face with challenge. I graduated this May and the whole time in college I bitched about having to get a stupid piece of paper. So now, I'm going to try and find a great way to use it and find a career doing what I love: illustration. It's amazing how much a change in perspective can flip your lid and allow you to see past the surroundings you're used to. I'm moving to get out of my box. Q: Places you'll most miss? A: Yats, Yats, and let me think ... Yats. That place is like a second home, where I feel the most comfortable in. I usually walk there to draw and get some incredibly good vegetarian food. Q: What of Stranger Lazy? A: Stranger Lazy was just about to hit the ground running, with what we believe to be our best material as of yet, and [now] I'm leaving. Seems kind of backwards, and it's the hardest decision I had to make. We're going to try to put this album out and send it off to whoever wants to hear it. People don't understand this yet, but we're going to be cool soon ... I can feel it. Q: Will you pursue music in Seattle? A: I seem to forget what Seattle was really famous for ... oh yeah, music. Of course I will, my pursuit for music will never end. I need to find a good vinyl shop.

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