Speakeasy with Jeff Lawson of Jackson Pain 

Local rock band Jac

Local rock band Jackson Pain will be playing the Battle of the Bands at the Patio on May 25 and will be "hopefully" releasing an EP later this summer.
Q: How is Jackson Pain best described? A: We're an indie rock band with a horn section, but that doesn't really say anything besides the fact we have a horn section. I guess if you took Coldplay and Doves, and mixed in a bit of Ben Folds, you'd have a really kick-ass band. If there was a tribute band for that band, that'd be us. Q: Do you get many who are skeptical about horns with their indie rock? A: Actually, I'd say the opposite is true. Most people seem to be pretty into the fact that we have horns. They're not always quite sure where we're going with it before we hit the stage, but I think most people enjoy it. Q: Influences? A: Coldplay, Travis, Doves, Oasis are our standard listing of influences, but I don't really think we sound like any of those bands. When we first started out we got put/put ourselves into the "Brit pop" category, but we really don't fit in there, plus we're not British. Q: What do you do to combat getting too close to the line of your influences when writing? A: We really don't think about stuff like that when we're writing. Sometimes we'll take concepts, or rhythms, or chords that we really like and try to make them our own, but I don't think there's a single song we play that someone can point to and say, "That sounds just like that one song by that one band." Q: How are you guys feeling about your Battle of the Bands chances? A: This year's Battle of the Bands is an odd one. There's a lot of new bands and out-of-town bands, which is great, but it seems attendance has been a bit down this year. It just so happens that we drew a night with three other well-established Indy bands. So it feels like we're playing a second round night during the first round. As long as we don't draw first this time (we drew first in the first and second rounds last year), I think we'll have a decent chance of making it to the second round. Q: Why do you think so few established Indy bands chose to participate this year? A: I don't think there's any one reason. The event is in its fifth year, and a lot of bands have been doing it since the first or second incarnations. Our first one was BOB III, so it's still a bit newer to us. It seems a lot of bands are concentrating on playing fewer Indy shows, and playing more out of town shows. We just want another chance to figure out that "perfect Battle cover."

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