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Weidner fronts loca

Weidner fronts local U2-meets-Sunny Day Real Estate rock band Loretta. Although currently focusing on recording, Loretta's next Indianapolis show is scheduled for June 18 at Bubba's Bowling.
Q: You guys have been laying low for a while; what have you been doing? A: We're in the studio recording a shopping demo. We're trying to get someone to give us some money so we can do our part in bankrupting another record label. We've played a few dates here and there to lock in the new lineup and the new songs. This week we're doing our first mini tour since the change and so far it's going well. Q: Who with and where are you working on the demo? A: We're recording at Queensize here in Indianapolis with Jacob Robinson who mixed The Translation. We have an incredibly symbiotic musical relationship with Jake and are super comfortable working at Queensize. We're taking our time recording and are having a good time to boot. Q: How would you describe the new songs compared to the contents of The Translation? A: I think it is by far the best work we've done to date. At the most basic level, the new tunes tend to be shorter. More specifically, I believe the new songs to be at once more progressive and more accessible. A lot of it is different than anything we've done before, but I think they're different in a natural progression sort of way as opposed to a forced change. Q: How has the songwriting evolved since its release? A: I've used a lot of the experiences of the last record, both good and bad, as inspiration for writing. I've found that frustrations with music industry types can be incredible fodder for songs. Growing up, having a family and frustrations about the political direction of the country have also contributed inspiration. Q: Recently shedding your third, what's Loretta's deal with bass players? A: When we began, I played bass. Over time, we felt it was essential to add the fifth member in order to create the sound we were looking for. When we parted ways with Jim [Shafer], we decided to give it the old college try as a four piece, and it's worked. Q: Having been tied up in recording and regrouping as a four piece, are you concerned about being out of the public consciousness for too long? A: Not at all. We have an incredibly loyal fan base - for which we are eternally grateful. This year hasn't stuck quite to the master plan, but all is well and moving forward in Lorettaland. Q: After nearly 10 years together, what keeps it going and what is one of your favorite memories from touring? A: My favorite general memory is the way the van smells inside when we've been out for a week and the taste of cheese sandwiches right out of the cooler. What keeps it going are a true love for each other, love for the music we make together and good, old-fashioned, Midwestern hard work.

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