Speakeasy with Dawn Flinn 

Flinn is an audiologi

Flinn is an audiologist with EarEverything, a company specializing in custom fitted earplugs and in-ear monitors. Dawn is a concert-goer’s best friend.
Q: What do people take most for granted about their hearing?
That their hearing will always be there, or if not it’s no big deal.
Q: Do you enjoy working with musicians?
Yes, they are pretty cool people — musicians in general.
Q: How do you get people to realize that the cost of custom plugs is a good investment?
It takes a few times talking to people. It is fun to watch someone go from not caring at all to total awareness of their ears and protecting them.
Q: Is there a selling point or bit of information that warrants a strong reaction of surprise when you talk to people about their hearing and the benefits of plugs?
I would say the point about OSHA guidelines allowing seven and a half to 15 minutes of exposure to sounds of 120 decibels. Then understanding how the plugs don’t kill the sound, just the loudness, and increase your exposure time safely.
Q: Are there any especially cool things you’ve been enabled to see or do because of your business?
Every day there is a chance of something really cool happening. Some days I’ll get a phone call in the a.m. regarding a national artist in town that is in need of some ear monitors or plugs. I have been introduced to some of my favorite artists just for doing what I do … and have made several friends in the meanwhile. I did get to go to New York and work with the Broadway musical production of Temptation. I got to watch 15 to 20 Broadway superstars sing/rehearse sitting around a table, simply going through their lines.
Q: Obviously the business doesn’t discriminate, but what kind of music do you get into?
I go through phases. I just went through a huge bluegrass thing, and recently I have just been listening to the radio.
Q: For someone interested in getting plugs, what is a basic overview of the process?
1) Thorough exam of ear canal and eardrum. 2) Some questions about your hearing. 3) Impressions of the ears. 4) Place the order. 5) Fitting appointment to ensure proper use and maintenance.

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