Speakeasy with Chad Wells 

Chad Wells is a recent Indy expatriate best known as the drummer for local band the Shivers.

What is the general attitude towards music in Greenville, S.C.?

There must be a bunch of aspiring hip-hop acts around here, because that’s all I hear about at the “water cooler” at work. People love the hip-hop here. Oh, also the local “alternative” radio station is crap. They still play Guns ’N Roses and Jackyl, fer chrissakes. FREQUENTLY. I don’t even listen to the radio here. I just listen to my Majhas CD over and over.

Now that you have a new observation angle, what would you say Indy musicians take most for granted?

Drummers. Seriously, I’d say the most taken for granted thing is the power of things such as IMN. Bands rely on that site way too much. It’s a great tool, and a fantastic medium, but a lot of bands just promote their shows there and that’s it. You rarely see flyers any more. The art of promotion has either been forgotten or just has changed completely. ATTENTION BANDS: Don’t forget about the power of the handbill flyer.

What do you miss most about Indy?

The sex, the drugs, the sex while under the influence of drugs. OK, really, I miss my friends the most. I really did leave behind a lot, but seeing my nephew grow up is worth it. I’m boring, I know. I can’t even find a good hooker down here to give me drugs and sex.

And least?

Matt Fecher [IndianapolisMusic.net executive editor], constant hangovers and working next door to a McDonald’s. In that order.

Do you think you will ever return to Indy full-time?

Nah, I moved to get away from Matt Fecher. He’s a turbo-stalker, you know. Really, I don’t know. Maybe.

What’s it like being a carpetbagger now living in the sunny South?

People here look confused when I speak. They wonder where my Southern accent is. Once I was at Best Buy, buying something, and the cashier asked me a question, and upon answering, I was greeted with a look that can only be described as “perplexed.” I asked if she understood what I just said, and she told me I have a funny accent. Such is life as a “Transplant Yankee.”


Speaking of The Shivers

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