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Pravada is one of Indy's best and brightest indie rock bands, not to be confused with Pravda, the official publication of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union between 1918 and 1991. You can see and hear them Thursday at the Music Mill, where you can also purchase their debut album Manus Plere.
Q: What is the current lineup of Pravada? A: Jesse sings, cello and guitars. Fred Brown: vox and guitar, trivia. Caseman: drums, percussion, guitar, speed, agility. Introducing Mr. Dale Walker, winner of our Bassman Seasonal Invitational. Q: How has the recent and unexpected bassist switcheroo affected things? A: I think everyone knows how difficult it is to find people with whom you can form a functional musical relationship. Every bass player we've had has taught me so much. Communication, verbal and nonverbal, how to prepare tapas. Dale Walker is great. Q: How do you describe the band to someone who's never heard it? A: That is the most difficult question anyone could ask about Pravada. I don't string hyphenated band names together, or do the "(blank) meets (blank)," etc. It's just good pop/rock with an emphasis on songwriting. Like nothing and everything you've ever heard before. Q: What's Pravada's greatest strength? A: Songwriting, tasteful arrangements and dynamic dynamics. Forearms??!!?? Q: When it comes to playing drums in bands as you have, how is Pravada different from every other band you've manned? A: The other projects I've been a part of I approached as a drummer. This band is different. Jesse and I have been writing, planning, dreaming Pravada since 1998. The name is just as old. Also, Pravada is "our" music. In Pravada ... Q: What was your experience attending the Berklee College of Music like? A: Expensive. Q: You've just released a record. Who worked on Manus Plere? A: Manus Plere was produced by Lon Paul Ellrich, Andy Fry, Jesse and I at Queensize. This has been promised a long time, but it's worth the wait. Q: Will you guys be touring soon? A: We'll be playing on May 19 at the Music Mill on 86th Street and Rock the Ripple on May 26. We leave in July with Margot & the Nuclear So & So's.

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