Speakeasy with Carlos D of Interpol 

Carlos D discuss

Carlos D discusses being in an "important" band as well as what he keeps in his holster.
Q: Was the vibrancy of Antics a direct response to the dour conception of Bright Lights? A: I think the difference between the records has less to do with the material being more up-tempo and more to do with the production being brighter and crisper. It's a much better produced record than Bright Lights in my opinion. If we would've given that type of production to Bright Lights I don't think people would be saying that there's a difference; there are lots of up-tempo parts on Bright Lights as there are lots of parts that are extremely depressing or dour on Antics. Q: What is it to be tagged with the weight of being an "important" band? A: It's flattering to be part of a group like that and it's also kind of like a role reversal sort of mindfuck because there are groups that I've loved and worshipped when I was growing up that aren't as big as we are. So for me to feel that there was a time in my life when I was really super into these bands and I have already in my life exceeded the popularity of those groups that I worshipped. Q: At what point does celebrity corrupt artistry? A: I've been in situations where I've thought to myself that somebody else would be a total arrogant asshole right now and pull some diva shit, but I'm not going to do that. I myself have been accused of being arrogant, wrongfully in my opinion, because I have limited amounts of time. That's when being famous sucks, actually. You can't stop every time. You can't please everyone. Q: Without seeing a video or a show you can almost hear the suits; the image the music evokes is seamless with the aesthetic. Is it flawless by design? A: We've gotten an unfortunate bad reputation as being a calculated band. If anything we're the opposite. That reputation only goes as far as those people who aren't really fans of us but know what we sound like or know what we look like. If you ask people who are really into us, our devoted fan base, I think their passion for our music answers your question. There's no way that a band could be that calculated and have people respond to it that passionately because if it's that calculated it takes away from the soul of it, I think. Therefore there are going to be fewer people that respond to it. Q: So you could make the same records and have the same impact if you went on stage unkempt, in ironic T-shirts and ripped jeans? A: It's hard to answer that question because I would never dress that way. That's just not anything I'm interested in. I can't imagine me dressing in a clown suit and playing our music because that just doesn't feel like me. I'm really comfortable dressing the way I do which is why I choose to. Q: That's certainly reasonable, but I am curious about the holster, and about what it may contain. A: [Laughs] There's nothing in the holster. It's purely a fashion statement. I think it looks badass. I remember when I first saw it; I said I have to own that thing. Q: At one of the Curiosa tour stops I was just far enough away from the stage to be convinced that Crispin Glover was playing bass in Interpol. In that context, the holster seemed to be even less unusual. Have you ever met Glover? A: No. I would kind of like to because not a day goes by where I'm not compared to him. I kind of want to beg him to admit to me that people have called him Carlos D. Q: A fantastic photo opportunity. A: Sure ... Twins Reunited!

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