Space: A Journey to our Future 

Four stars

Indiana State Museum.

Space … not necessarily the final frontier, now that we’ve peeked into black holes, parallel universes and the bending nature of time. Who is to say what lies beyond? The Indiana State Museum makes some sense of the subject in this exhibition, an omnibus of space exploration, from the first person on the moon to the discovery of those aforementioned black holes. We’re told space is a haven for carbon, hydrogen and oxygen — the building blocks for life — which means it’s unlikely we’re alone. As theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says, “Our universe could be just one bubble floating in an ocean of other bubbles.” (Remember Horton Hears a Who?) This and other ponderables are on display alongside explanations of dark matter, samples of moon rock, a gravity-mimicking centrifuge designed to reduce the loss of bone mass in space (try it out if you’re not prone to motion sickness), a Mars space station and numerous other ways to encounter the wonders of the great beyond. While the exhibition is geared towards middle-schoolers to teenagers, adults can enjoy it too. Through Sept. 16; 317-232-1637,

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