Soaking up crushed souls 

I am writing in response to Laura McPhee’s article on meth (Cover, “Myth of Meth,” Feb 27-March 5). I have been on the West Coast for the past 10 years, mostly in the Northwest, and meth is rampant there. In my experience, the Midwest culture lags 15 years behind SoCal and about 10 behind the Pacific Northwest so let me say ... get ready ... meth will be here in force soon.  

Now, I truly despise the conservative, overweight Midwestern meat-eating mentality and would like nothing less than the total devastation of flat red states — but I do care about individual humans and I know (from empirical evidence) that meth is bad for them. As bad as Bush?

At least.

But as long as the Midwest has misguided do-gooders like McPhee willing to waste time/ink/money dismissing problems that have yet to reach this cultural wasteland I am confidant that NUVO will continue to provide a service soaking up crushed souls from the floorboards of blood-burning Humvees.

Chris Lowe

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