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In reading the article on Meth Myths (Cover, “Myth of Meth,” Feb 27-March 5) I couldn’t help but notice that in the graph titled “Actual Causes of Death” tobacco caused the most deaths. Seems to me that the drug dealers known as Big Tobacco should be “Enemy number one” in any “War on Drugs”. Of course, NUVO might lose some of its Sponsorship by writing a story like that.

I have always found it interesting that NUVO claims to be about “social justice” and yet supports Big Tobacco and their lies.

Though I have seen numerous ads for tobacco products in NUVO, I have not seen any stories about the two-year anniversaries of the Indianapolis (March 1) and Carmel (March 5) Smoke-free Air Ordinances.

Tobacco, by way of second-hand smoke, is still killing or maiming bar, tavern and bowling alley workers in Indy. These people, while working, are being exposed to more than 50 carcinogenic chemicals such as arsenic, formaldehyde, lead and benzene to name but a few. Why is the health of these workers not considered a social justice issue?

We need to change the law in Marion County and Carmel to protect the health of these workers. Making greater Indianapolis smoke-free would be one more step to making this a healthier city for all.

Whether you are an office worker or a bartender, you deserve the right to breathe clean air!

Laura Furst

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