Smarter about sex 

Time for a practical stance

Although I was slightly annoyed that Laura McPhee seemed to be insinuating that motherhood is as undesirable a profession as prostitution, I am even more appalled by the prevailing conservative approach to sex ed in our country (Cover, “Good Girls Do,” July 19-26). Girls (and guys as well) do need to be smarter about sex.

Every year, administrators invite programs to come to their schools to talk about fire safety. Nobody would be ignorant enough to come in and say, “Hey kids, throw out your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. From now on we’re going to rely on everyone just not starting fires.” Yet we are taking that same approach to sex ed. Let’s remove the stigma associated with teaching awareness of resources available to sexually active teen-agers and young adults. It is time we take a practical stance toward family planning and disease control.

Thank you, NUVO, for continuing to bring the ineffectiveness of “abstinence only”-based education programs into the limelight.

Felicity Hawn

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