Slideshow: Indy AlleyCats - Meow, baby! 

Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow)
Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow) Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow) Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow) Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow) Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow) Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow) Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow) Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow)

Indy AlleyCats Practice (Slideshow)

The AlleyCats prepare to defend their top seed in the division.

By Rebecca Townsend

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A weekend note from the news desk:

Yes, there's plenty of waste, fraud and injustice going on to keep NUVO News busy for lifetimes. But this sports story justifies diverted attention - Indy needs to know about the Indianapolis AlleyCats.

The city's newest professional sports team is fighting to keep its top seed in the division this week.

This reporter, a former ultimate player at Earlham College and recreational fun in Bloomington and various spots around the country, checked out the talent at Friday's practice.

In short, it looks like we're fit, athletic, creative and fun. Plus, we've got some world-class players.

It's a new scene, the American Ultimate Disk League, now at eight teams, is set for rapid expansion and big money to poor in. The possibility of corrupting the soul of what's always been a free-spirit sport may be worrisome to some people, but Brodie Smith, a true superstar of the ultimate world who chose to come to Indy when he could have gone to any team says, "Don't worry."

"I don't know how money can ruin anything," he said."If you can make sure players focus on being good ultimate players."

If teams were practicing just once a week and paying for all travel and expenses themselves - and having to play in local tournaments that may have a wide variety of skill levels that the pro team must play through to rise up to their ultimate championship matches - they will now focus on the top-level games and one day be able to practice seven or eight times a week.

"Imagine how much better we'll be," Smith said.

This new league needs us now Indy. Roncalli stadium fills at least 4,000. Attendance so far has maxed out at around 1,000. Let's pack the stands at this weekend's games - particularly against arch-rivals Columbus on Sunday at 2 p.m. [See more about the grudge match here.]

Other cities will be trying to pick off our team and our talent as the league expands. We could use the thrill of another Peyton Manning. Now's the time to convince Brodie Smith and the AlleyCats Indy is the best place to call home.


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