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By Rita Kohn "Dirty_Little_Heart"
Emotion/motion/memory By Rita Kohn "Dirty_Little_Heart" Murphy Art Center, 1043 Virginia Ave. May 4-6. Tickets: call 317-940-9659 or e-mail Mesmerizing surrealism invokes a world of spirits moving in cycles through a 1920s structure whose original purposes were mercantile and movies. Seventeen characters whose lives would have been, could have been, enmeshed in the business of the twin buildings bring us into their snatched scenes. The audience walks past events in hallways, recesses, elevators, landings, large rooms of the Murphy Building, and congregates in the shell of The Granada, a movie theater that opened April 8, 1928, and closed March 5, 1951. During what director Melli Hoppe describes as "a collaboration between the performers, poetry and the performance space," the audience experiences layers of perceptional transformations. What imprints do we each leave in space? How does the poem on the page morph into living matter? Why does a new activity turn the mundane into drama? Anyone who attends a Hoppe performance walks away with a deeper appreciation of any space as a landscape of emotion/motion/memory to excavate. "The world [in the Murphy Building] is … secretive, dark and iconic," comments co-director and composer Nikki Cormaci. Costumes by Caroline Stine and sceneography by Andrew Wiskowski underscore the aura of "intrigue, murder and suspicion." Performers, all Butler University students, are splendid in their encirclement of a type. Jim Walker’s poetry combined with repetitive vocalizations and choreography repel and grasp as the characters intermingle with the audience yet remain apart. Rita Kohn’s blog

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