A lot of attention is paid to women’s issues these days, but what is less publicized is the male soul-searching that accompanied the rise in women’s awareness. The Vast Difference, on stage at Theatre on the Square, is a hilarious send-up of this phenomenon.

George (Neal Eggeson) has sired five daughters and his wife has cajoled him into seeking a vasectomy. George is completely freaked out over the idea. What happens is a parody of the lost male psyche, complete with “Silly Men” bonding sessions, bizarre hallucinations and the surfacing of some weird father issues.

The sharp script and good timing from the actors keep the laughs coming. This is a comedy through and through, and director Ed Mobley and his talented cast keep that idea forefront. The audience is treated to situations that demand out-loud laughter.

Eggeson smoothly anchors the cast as the normal guy-next-door having a bizarre midlife crisis. He is joined by Laura Duvall-Whitson as his slightly clueless wife, Meredith Granger as his tough but loving father and Jeanetta Busselberg as his frustrated urologist. Backing them is Adam Fisch, Doug Johnson, Roger Ortman and Alan Williams in multiple roles, all of whom go at their parts with a zealous, no-holds-barred silliness.

Some of the edges were still rough on opening night, however. Most notable were set changes. Though the theater opted for a black box setting, props such as a gurney, bleachers, etc. are rolled on and off stage. Often, these changes weren’t complete by the time the lights came up, and the audience was treated to the sight of techies lugging objects around.

The Vast Difference continues at Theatre on the Square, 627 Mass. Ave., through March 20; call 637-8085 for reservations.

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