Shangri La Chinese Acrobats 

Four stars

Madame Walker theatre Centre, Oct. 18.

Awesome, amazing, arresting. “How do they do that?” was the question reverberating through the filled auditorium. Indeed, how do they do that on the extremely small stage with hardly any wing space for the required running starts from off-stage to jump through hoops six-to-ten feet off the ground? Even the tower of chairs presented a challenge when the final chair reached head on with the row of lights. But never mind the mechanics, it’s the prowess of body twisting one-handed on a pole stuck into a table, building human pyramids, twirling three plates on sticks per hand while doing gymnastic exercises, fitting 12 people on a moving bicycle, a balancer on a teeter-totter flipping a succession of bowls onto his head. Twelve youthful gymnasts/dancers performed non-stop with grace and humor for an openly appreciative audience, proving Walker’s gutsy-ness is paying off. Board president Orson Mason introduced the program by citing Walker Centre’s 80-years of history coming to fruition as a place “to interact with each other, mingle, get to know each other, come together as family and community to appreciate how different cultures experience art and dance, and to talk about what we’ve seen and heard.” Call 236-2099 for information about upcoming programs

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