"Sex, Dreams, & Self-Control" show review 

Kevin Thornton's one-man, semi-autobiographical performance piece is a journey worth taking. Mixing stand-up, storytelling and original music, this 90-minute show traces the life of a Southern Indiana boy discovering his own homosexuality and trying to reconcile it with his strong religious beliefs. Thornton tested his stories at open mic nights before weaving them together into an evening of performance, and it shows. The stories are captivating and funny. Thornton's comedic timing is spot on, and his delivery makes coyness engaging. Seemingly informal, the show is actually carefully constructed, with a satisfying arc. Music and dream vignettes tie the stories together. Thornton is a talented musician, and his new wave rock works well here. The dreams, campily introduced by chimes, find Thornton out to sea, dealing with a smart-aleck spider in a raspberry beret. Raw and frank about sex and religion, it's also memorable and moving.


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