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If a comedian spends 95 percent of his set making fun of the audience, he better do it well. Scott Bruce did it well. He has been doing comedy for a long time, and tactfully balanced the fine line between poking harmless fun and completely alienating the crowd; every dark, cutting joke eventually came full circle back toward him, at his own expense. However, he invoked a spattering of blond jokes, and a three-minute bit full of puns about names of small towns in Pennsylvania (Intercourse, Blue Ball, etc.), which detracted from his conversational dirty-old-man humor. With his (I'm guessing here) seventh or eighth Budweiser in his right hand, and his gray, balding head and Hawaiian shirt, his demeanor was approachable: familiar and lax in appearance, but aggressive and sharp in delivery. Many mouths were left agape in disbelief at the tenacity of his playful sexual harassment of any man, woman or microphone stand within spitting distance -- but just a hint of self-deprecation made him harmless, hilarious.

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