Sangrita for your weekend, plus three more must-try new restaurants 

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It's time to get excited about your new little cantina, Broad Ripple. Sangrita opened last week in what used to be the old Greek's Pizza location. It's a petite space, so it feels cozy and full no matter how many people are in there. The decor of the whole interior is absolutely stunning, with enough rough wood to make it feel warm and homey. 

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If you want to sit on the patio, get there early or prepare to wait. The petite deck has both individual tables and a communal table to stand at. 
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That said, you'll "have" to have a cocktail in hand while you wait. Oh, how sad for you that you'll be forced to wait with an amazingly delicious, 100% agave-based cocktail. We're talking a craft cocktail spin on tequila and mezcal, so please don't show up demanded a blended marg with a salted rim—it ain't that kinda place. You can, however, get a "Margarita Jardin" with grapefruit and basil.

You'll get at least a hundred agave spirits to taste, and 16 different cocktail options, plus the full run of regular spirits. 

I got the full tour thanks to former Hoosier Momma brain Erin Edds, who is managing the brand and the front of house. 

She told me they nabbed Bakersfield's Joshua Huffman, who is clearly already flexing his south of the border skills on the menu. 

Don't leave without trying at least one appetizer and one steak. Gluten-free and vegetarians will find something on the menu they like, and there are even a few vegan-friendly side options. 

Knock this one out this weekend, or you can choose from one of these three outstanding new locations featured after the food porn jump.

Enjoy the weekend, my lovely local eaters!

click to enlarge Cowboy caviar: black eyed peas, corn, avocado, shallots, hot sauce
  • Cowboy caviar: black eyed peas, corn, avocado, shallots, hot sauce
click to enlarge Carnitas tacos and elote
  • Carnitas tacos and elote
click to enlarge Hefty plate of sides
  • Hefty plate of sides

And, as promised, three new restaurants to upgrade your weekend. Click through the link to see our review. 


Beer at Church
: Eat up and drink up at St. Joseph's on South College


Fresh, focused and healthy: Check out Nourish on south East street. 

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Try Cafe Nonna in Fletcher Place, new for pastries and gelato 

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