Saga corrections 

I’d like to take this opportunity to correct a couple of items put forth by Dale Lawrence in his March 28 article, “The Saga of the Lady Eagles” (Sports).

In 2001, the Indiana High School Athletic Association’s Board of Directors approved Rule 2-3-c which allowed its member schools, beginning with the 2003-’04 school year, to move up one or more classes in state tournament competition.

The length of the commitment by a school since the rule’s inception has been four years, not two years and later increased to four, as was suggested in the article. That particular length of time was chosen not to “discourage schools from using the option” but because that is the duration of each classification cycle in which member schools are paired by their enrollment figures. Allowing schools to move up or down in classes freely in any given year would cause confusion and erode any continuity to the state tournament.

Jason Wille
Sports Information Director,
Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc.


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