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It took him more miles

It took him more miles than there are stars visible in the sky. Over the course of months, Hoosiers throughout the state gathered ’round the vehicle to sign their name, to place themselves in the historical context that is this new political landscape. How much pie was consumed onboard? How many smiles?

Mitch Daniels’ campaign vehicle got nearly as much press as he did in the gubernatorial contest, and recently he invited the people who voted him into office to help him redesign the champions’ chariot. An overwhelming number of respondents told Daniels, whose nickname from his White House days is “Blade,” just what they’d like to see.

Daniels told reporters at the design’s unveiling that “I don’t think it’s a great likeness of me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I bear no resemblance whatsoever to Wesley Snipes.” He added that he didn’t think the design would confuse voters “especially since … isn’t Snipes’ character supposed to be some kind of vampire?”

The new vehicle is slated to be on the road by early summer.

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