Rubberband on my wrist 

Congratulations on finally setting yourself free (Hammer, "Time to Stop Smoking," March 22-29)! I h

Congratulations on finally setting yourself free (Hammer, “Time to Stop Smoking,” March 22-29)!

I highly recommend that you (and anyone quitting smoking) check out the book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking; it’s a very positive approach to quitting. Keep in mind that the addiction withdrawal is minimal. It’s your thoughts that you need to work on. I used a rubberband on my wrist that I would snap each time I thought about smoking. I would then consciously change my thought to a positive like, “ahhhhh, I can breathe” or “I’m so glad I got rid of him (the cigarette) — I was embarrassed to be seen with him”.

Good luck!

Posted by Vanessa

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