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It was a lifelong love of music that inspired Plainfield resident Ryan May to form, the latest web site to spotlight Indianapolis bands, with an exclusive focus on local music.
Ryan May
"Back in high school, I had my rockstar dreams," May said. "I love music, I love playing music. I really want to do something big and get back involved." The site hit the scene in November and has hosted three showcases since then. NUVO: What specific features is IndyMusicScene offering that makes it unique? Ryan May: It's all data driven and everything's connected. Someone can sell their own products on our site, we handle the credit cards and all that functionality. We also allow bands to use our site builder ... So you actually control your shows, your photo galleries, your mp3s and videos. You have your own merchandise section. Since everything's data driven, if they put their CD up, it also goes up on our main site and it can be sold through us. Our commission rates are a lot lower than cafepress or amazon. They're going to make more going through us. The big idea is our e-band manager (which allows bands and venues to set up events with each other online). It updates the band's calendar, the venue's calendar, and our calendar at the same time. It's going to save time, save everyone the hassle of making phone calls and shooting off emails. That's still going to happen, of course, but what we're trying to do is help the bands focus on the music and their stage presence, which is what it's really all about. NUVO: What relationship do you expect with the other web sites in the city? May: I don't want people thinking we're trying to take over anything or become the one and only out there. We don't have competitors; we have more like collaborators we don't work with, but don't work against. We're not trying to hurt anybody or take over anything. When we first launched it was nothing but us and people saying "We're like IMN's twin, their little brother." I don't want people to think that. I want people to look at us as our own personal thing. I want people to go to IMN, Punkrocknight, Indymetal, our site, go to all of them! In the end, everyone's here to support the people up on stage. I hope we never lose sight of that. At the end of the day, I want us to be able to say, "Did we help the people up on stage?"

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