Rockcycle makes old LPs fashionable again 

Turning album art into apparel

Old records have been cluttering up closets for 20 or more years, but now they are finding their way back into the mainstream through Rockcycle, a store dedicated to preserving album art.

Founded in 2006 by Dan Redmond and Jeff Wagner, Rockcycle began turning LP records into purses, notebooks, three-ring binders and other items at a kiosk in the Muncie Mall. Within the year, the kiosk couldn’t keep up with the increasing demand for their recycled products.

The store moved into a location within the Muncie Mall, and in October of this year, opened their second store in the Castleton Square Mall.

Not only is Rockcycle bringing classic rock ’n’ roll back into the limelight by giving old albums a new life, they are also trying to save the planet.

By encouraging the local community to bring their old albums to the store, thousands of records haven’t ended up in the nearby landfills.

“We are trying to recycle because we know that anymore people are just throwing stuff away. We thought that would be a good way to even recycle the album again to give it another life,” Nancy Wagner, wife of founder Jim, said.

In addition to recycling the actual records, Rockcycle will also refill any notebook purchased from their store with recycled paper for free. Customers get to keep their original notebook, and one less item is thrown away.

The notebooks range from $7.99 to $11.99 depending on the cover art decoration. Certain albums are harder to find, which makes them a little pricier.

Rockcycle obtains these albums in various ways. Some are donated, and the store will buy some records if brought into the store.

“[People] don’t have any use for them, and they would like to see something good be done with them,” Nancy said. “I’ve even had my mom out looking for some. She gets all excited when she finds certain ones.”

Certain records are in high demand at Rockcycle. According to Nancy, their most popular items feature art from Prince albums. Following close behind are the Beatles, Tom Petty, Madonna, Elvis and John Mellencamp.

If you can’t find something to suite your musical and fashion needs, you can always make a special request.

Visit Rockcycle at the Muncie Mall or at the Castleton Square Mall. For more information or to order online, go to

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