"Rite of Spring" dance review 

Audiences at the IRT witnessed both an exquisite turning point in the art of Dance Kaleidoscope and an electrifying sense of the present. Choreographer David Hochoy's contemporary scenario and grace-filled movement, lighting designer Laura E. Glover's mysteriously majestic virtual setting, costumer Cheryl Sparks' camouflage-dyed leotards and a company thoroughly embracing Stravinsky's bold score so keenly engaged us we literally forgot to breathe. Displaying far more complexity, far more passion and far more variety in movement than ever before, it felt as though Hochoy finally cut the umbilical cord and allowed his art to stand alongside his mentor, Martha Graham. Here, the corps in mesmerizing pictures evolved from the mystery and gloom of Stravinsky's dark colors to painfully illuminate individual and group acceptance of dominance. On the lift-off from a winding and solemn theme, Kenoth Shane Patton erupted as the alpha figure. The corps convulsed in painful intensity along heavy chords. Liberty Harris was the opposition figure, defying the feverish mood driven by complex rhythms in breathtaking rapidity, yet ultimately she is thrust into the sacrifice, the corps dazed within the frenzy. We let out a universal "Oh" as the tyrant leapt with the final chord. We breathe and catch. An outstanding premiere.

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