Danielle Pugel, "See Creature"

Danielle Pugel, "See Creature"

Reviewed: Dirty Fingernails at Indy Indie 


This is described as "a non-juried show... not being filtered through someone else's taste." But since one of the works consists of clippings of anuses and penises cut from various porn rags and personal ads and taped on the gallery wall ("Fundamental Forms" by Naylor Musko), I couldn't help wondering if there was any filter at all.

But, there is some great work to be found here. Herron graduate Danielle Pugel's "See Creature" wall-hanging sculpture — a gold sea creature with the head of a fish, body of a snake, and birdlike feathers for a tail — was surely a standout. Pugel won a "Best of Show" designation at the 2014 College Invitational Exhibition still running at the Indianapolis Art Center.

Through Jan. 23 at Indy Indie Artist Colony


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