Review: TWOism: solo and collaborative works by Matt Pazzol and Ashton Dame 

Four Stars

Herron Student Gallery at the Murphy Building. Recently, it seems, there's been an explosion of talent from the printmaking department of the Herron School of Art and Design (see my review of Jacob Rauscher's work in the July 7-14 issue). Matt Pazzol, an MFA grad, and Ashton Dame, a current undergrad in the printmaking department, collaborate in this show in several works and it's fun trying to figure out their respective contributions by looking closely at their individual works.

Dame brings skillful drawing ability to his digital print "Good," which features the precisely drawn head of a bird in profile. He also gives this print a 3D look by duplication of lines and use of varicolored inks.

Pazzol's standout work here is "Propositions of Apocalyptic Algebra." This screenprint and collage features a sort of symmetrical abstract form composed of different sized rings of perfectly formed concentric circles. The tedium involved in drawing such rings must have been immense. Perhaps it approximates the struggles of mathematicians in certain institutions of higher learning. Perhaps not. In either case, it's easy enough to appreciate this print solely for its hypnotic beauty and precision. Through Aug 30, 708-439-8121,


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