Review: The Permanent Collection 

2.5 stars

The National Art Museum of Sport. The last painting of the late Germain G. Glidden, the founder of The National Art Museum of Sport, was entitled "George H.W. Bush in Action," (oil on canvas) and it showed the former president against a golf course backdrop. No. 41 found himself unable to attend the unveiling of the portrait, which occurred in 1997. As he explained in a letter displayed alongside the painting, "I seldom get near Indianapolis." If only he'd been able to get here for the unveiling, he would have been able to see...this museum that doubles as a conference center for IUPUI. When I asked the woman behind the business services desk if anybody came exclusively to see the artwork, she admitted that was rare, but added, "the people who come here for conferences really seem to enjoy it." Amidst the more than occasionally kitschy paintings by Glidden (in one he portrays Ronald Reagan riding a white horse against a billowing sky) and his ilk, there's actually some fine art here including wood engravings by Winslow Homer. One of my favorite paintings is "Night Games," (acrylic on canvas) by Robert Berkshire, an abstract piece that shows multicolored lightning sparks of motion against a black blue canvas. But a bronze sculpture of two basketball players is placed right in front of it as if to say, "This abstract painting is about basketball too!" 274-3627;


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