Review: The Guilford Blackouts, We've Been Sent Here To Destroy You! EP 

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The Guilford Blackouts
We've Been Sent Here To Destroy You! EP

These Indianapolis punks are doing something that many bands forget to do: writing songs from the heart. This EP shows a diversity within the band's songwriting that makes them valuable. Songs like "Calling The Shots" seem written in the moment about a specific restless feeling, while "Memorial Day" sounds like a planned tune about unrequited love. The ability to fluctuate back and forth between the raw emotional fury and the bitter, longing mourning marks The Guilford Blackouts as a band worth your time. These tracks bring back memories of punk's stint on the backs of bands like NOFX; cargo shorts, 30 cases of beer and shitty tattoos. Since their formation in 2011, Justin Firebaugh (guitar, lead vocals), Gary Warren (bass and vocals) and Matt Jones (drums and vocals) have worked to become a prominent part of Indy's underground scene, like playing Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn. The album is available via the band's website.



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