Review: The Fourth Wall 

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This threesome not only breaks down the barriers between performance and audience, they win you into grasping the intent of challenging music through movement, miming and winsome personalities. Impeccable musicality is foremost for flutist-dancer Hilary Abigana, percussionist/ accordionist Greg Jukes and trombonist-choreographer C. Neil Parson.

Choosing music you’re not likely to hear anywhere else, they deconstruct it and build it back up so it’s approachable. L'Histoire du Soldat de Jouet by Brett Abigaña, usually presented as a serious work here charmed children spread across the front row with the mimed humor, though the underlying aspects of war versus art were up top for adults to internalize.

Split-second timing with Lindy hops makes the flute-trombone duet visually delightful for "Gramophone" from Four 2-bit Contraptions by Jan Bach. Jukes’s twin xylophones starred in From One, Apart by Jeremy Van Buskirk, again choreographed for some tricky playing of flute and trombone.

Integrating poems with a special arrangement for flute and percussion, we visualize how music inspires ideas with Sonata for flute and piano by Erwin SchulhoffII. Scherzo: Sparrow's Dream by Tony Brewer, III. Aria: The Old House by Liza Malamut and IV. Rondo-Finale: How doth the little busy bee by Mark Rigney. The flirty "Bordel - 1900" from Histoire du Tango by Astor Piazzolla closed the first act.

Parson’s trombone solo, "Subadobe" by Fredrik Högberg, is part slapstick, part marching band while "Masks" by Oliver Knussen featured Abigana in a fractured ballet- flute solo and "Crystal Tresses in the Sky" by Kevin Clark highlighted Jukes on vibes. "Tabloid" by Clarence Barber is performance art built from reading the daily newspaper, with an unexpected ending. The program closed with "8-Track Mind," arranged by The Fourth Wall with choreography appropriate to music of the early 1970s, with the trio clad in the era. They pack a lot into a program of hybrid art fusing music with dance, drama and slapstick comedy. Definitely go next time they’re on.Aug. 31 at the Indiana Landmarks Center


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