Review: Shawn Causey, 'You Are Here' 

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We'll start by referring to Stutz Art Space's website to describe how Shawn Causey created the work featured in his new show, You Are Here. "Causey thickly applies drywall mud and house paint to a stretched canvas," it reads. "She then scrapes the surface with a trowel and uses a belt sander to create texture and lines that emerge with greater drama after a gilding of metallic spray paint."

Now to the results: You Are Here consists of works of various sizes, some quite large, painted either metallic silver or metallic gold. The drywall reliefs range from having slight surface texture to an extensive buildup extruding over an inch from the canvas; drywall mud is cut away sharply at the surface in a few of the pieces, which creates a fuzzy and mold-like appearance which contrasts nicely with the metallic colors.

It's surprising that there's so much variety between the pieces, considering that Causey takes such a specific approach and uses only two paint colors. Each piece exists as its own visual environment that beckons viewers to take a closer look from various angles. They come together to form a bold exhibition that rewards viewers' attention. Through Aug. 29 at Stutz Art Space

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