Review: Parsons Dance's 'Remember Me' 

click to enlarge A scene from 'Remember Me.'
  • A scene from 'Remember Me.'

Choreographer David Parsons and East Village Opera Company members Annamarie Milazzo and Tyley Ross spliced classical opera with modern rock for 'Remember Me,' fitting a love triangle into a dozen arias by Mozart, Rossini, Bizet, Puccini, Delibes, Verdi, Schubert and Purcell. It ends badly with the three dead.

There's not much depth to the story - no physiological searching, political pondering or cultural crusading - but the choreography is demanding and the company of nine dancers is commanding.

Within a gathering of young people, two men vie for the attentions of a woman, whose bewilderment over the fuss is amusing to us, maddening to the two guys. Eventually the girl gets with the program, chooses one, and off they go. The rejected suitor descends into a rage of passion. Foul play is afoot when he doesn't get any part of 'no.'

Parsons effectively utilizes a stage length-narrow swath of white cloth for the lovers' tryst and the turn-around rape by the rejected suitor. The rest of the company amplifies with amazing corps work.



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