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This band has redefined the topographical details of Kokomo, Ind. that exist inside of my mind. Contrary to the name they've chosen (and certain facts), as I spin this record and close my eyes I can see a beach full of surfboards, swimsuits and boomboxes blasting rock and roll.

No Coast caters to good-natured punks and grizzled fans of scuzz rock. The sound is spurned out of tense longing for a length of coastline and from the lengthy catalogue of musicians from now-defunct Kokomo hardcore band In the Face of War - - both vocalist, guitarist Nate Black and vocalist, bassist Mike Wilson were past members of the legendary group. With drummer Bryon White and organist Neal Cunningham, they've discovered another passionate way to perform a different style of music. Their debut full-length, Rock And Roll All Night (Yeah Right) is a retrospective testament to surf-pop, proto-punk and garage rock.

On the whole this album is a killer introduction to independent, nonchalant rock music. Vocals are heartfelt and dynamically transient, from distorted, crooned verses and harmonized choruses to shouted lines. Black's guitar flashes fast with twang and reverb, riding the groove and shaping the wave of each song. Bass and drums are up-tempo, placing these tracks into the 'party time' musical signature. Cunningham's organ highlights and annunciates sections practically, augmenting the mix of sounds further.

"Enough Is Enough," the album's straightforward opening track, sets the pace for the head-bobbing, jump up-and-down type of dancing you'll start doing in seconds. Standouts like "Cruel City" and "Get Along" will get you singing, too. I can't stress how important it is to order the physical vinyl album for the four songs not contained in their bandcamp site's digital download.


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