Review: May Day 2013 at Klipsch 

click to enlarge Bush performing during May Day at the Klipsch Music Center. - MITCHELL MILLER
  • Bush performing during May Day at the Klipsch Music Center.
  • Mitchell Miller
It was toward the end of a surprisingly enjoyable Bush set, during a surprisingly good cover of "Come Together" when Gavin Rossdale, the band's cut and chiseled frontman decided it would be a good idea to take his wireless mike out to the lawn. Big. Mistake.

Mr. Gwen Stefani soon found that mixing it up with a massive crowd of X103 listeners who had been drinking heavily all afternoon was more then he bargained for. At first, we in the pavilion could hear him, with the music still playing, intoning "Get back, get back!" At first, I assumed they we going to do a Beatles medley or something. The band eventually stopped... yet, the microphone continues to relay sounds of a struggle as Gavin repeats a constant refrain of "GET BACK!!!"

You could hear the panic in his voice rise higher and higher and louder and louder until he was screaming "GET BACK!!! PLEASE GET BACK!! GET THE FUCK BACK!! PLEASE DON"T TOUCH MY PENIS!!! As soon as everybody in the place figured out that Gavin was swallowed up and trapped in the lawn people were laughing and jeering, and ... it was getting more hilarious the longer it drug on. Finally after five minutes or so, security finally dislodged him from the mob and practically carried him back to the stage wearing the panicked look of someone who had stared death in the face.

Yet, after all the humiliation of pulling a dumb stunt and having 18,000 people laugh at you, he still sucked it up and did a surprisingly enjoyable one-two encore of "Glycerine" and "Comedown." As lightweight as Bush's music is, most of their tunes are catchy and fun, and Gavin won the day proving himself as a showman who can take it on the chin and keep on rocking.

The rest of the day was a complete wash. By the time I got there just before Buckcherry, the crowd looked completely and utterly bored, slightly pissed off and mighty drunk. So, when Buckcherry came out swinging with "Lit Up" people were losing their minds. The crowd settled back into a resigned pissed-off boredom as Buckcherry dragged their sorry asses through a sorry set of shitty music only to get to "Crazy Bitch" which, of course, sent the place into another tizzy. This band of 50-year-olds with bad tattoos should only be allowed to do "Lit Up" and "Crazy Bitch" and spare us the 30 minutes they call the rest of their set.

AWOLNation wasn't much better. They didn't improve the audiences mood by turning in a set of music that sounded like contemporary Christian music without the Jesus, leading up to the big song, "Sail" which the nerdy looking lead singer fucked up by doing the whole "stick the mic out and let the crowd sing the chorus" trick. Dude. You finally get in front of a big crowd to play your hit song: don't make us sing it for you. Even Chris Cornell looked like a dick when he did it during "Black Hole Sun."

OK so, Soundgarden. In all honesty, I've not yet forgiven Cornell for Audioslave yet, but he did a pretty decent job of hitting most of the high notes, even as he hid behind a pointless guitar and seemed to be annoyed by bassist Ben Shepard who seemed to be having monitor issues. So the band half-assed it, relied on the radio hits off of Superunknown, mixing in a smattering of older tunes, practically ignoring Badmotorfinger (although "Slaves and Bulldozers," which they closed with was the best song of the set) and even only playing exactly one forgettable song off their latest comeback album.

WRZX May Day 2013 could of been a snoozer if it wasn't for Bush showing up and saving the day. Who woulda thunk it?

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