Review: Linda Leviton's 'Lost and Found' 

3 stars

Indianapolis Art Center, Clowes Gallery; through Jan. 30.

Never before has the Clowes Gallery glowed with such psychedelic pinks and pastel colors than in Linda Leviton's exhibition. "Radiance (Lost)," her retro geometric wall sculpture made with right-angled, color-coated plastic parts, is a mirror of reflected warmth evoking art of 1970s. Is the time reference purposeful? Probably not. Still, the emitted light and warmth in the gallery makes this work playfully commanding.

As the show's title suggests, Leviton, a commercial artist who's been making commissioned work for over 17 years, needed to reconnect with her own art concepts that went unrealized until this exhibition. Her drawings and doodles influenced the wall drawing, "Contact (Found)," of systematically placed, color-ordered chalk lines layered over drawn circles. The work is like a symbolic God's Eye or color wheel guide that Leviton sees as, "making contact with the subconscious," although meaning would be conveyed even without as many lines and embellishments of copper domed forms.

Impressive is the sheer labor that went into completing "Inhale (Lost and Found)" made with over 1,000 cut copper circles bent into cylinders, lacquer painted, then applied to a wave-shaped steel frame. (Documentation of the process is displayed on one gallery wall.) This modular construction is derived from an old sketch and, though dated, is decidedly determined. 317-255-2464,

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