Review: Larry D. Sweazy, 'The Devil's Bones' 

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Sweazy’s multi-layered thriller plunks you square into the fictional central Indiana town of Dukaine, population 3,000 except when tomato harvest brings in 4,000 migrant workers “straining the demand on every service…especially the police department.” Weaving the story through flashbacks and the present, a dozen interlaced characters traverse events and relationships between 1985 and 2004 and between Mexico and Carlyle County, Indiana.

The Devil’s Bones starts with an abduction and ends with a disappearance. In between, it’s a jumble of intrigue, political ambition, cultural hatred, murder, arson, drugs running and revenge. As with his award-winning Josiah Wolfe Texas Rangers series, Sweazy delivers dimensional characters whose good parts and flaws are genuine, and spirals events so we’re only one step behind police officer Jordan McManus as he tries to extricate himself from a past that threatens his present.

In the tradition of Agatha Christie, Sweazy leads us down several paths to establish motives, and supplies us with hair-raising incidents on the way to solving who and why. Published by Five Star.


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