Review: Knock out 

Battle of the Bands
Round 3, Week 3
Birdy’s Bar & Grill
Friday, Nov. 17

Deliberation took over an hour, but everyone knew who was going home with first place as soon as the Battle ended.

Emerson Rose.

This five-person powerhouse didn’t just rock. They killed. Prancing in skintight pants like Mick Jagger and working their long manes like rock gods from another era, these guys knew how to make people scream. They brought more to the stage than vamped-up muscle chords, classic heavy metal hooks and a legion of fans in red T’s. They brought sex. And with 1,639 votes, Emerson Rose can certainly pack a punch.

While Wheelhouse didn’t quite bring all that, they did have a good body-shaking show. Taking second place with 1,589 votes, there was no way this progressive blues band was going down without a fight. They laced up and got the crowd moving with rhythmic jams influenced by classic rock and imbued with strands of funk straight from the mothership.

On a completely different plane were the Cousin Brothers. A power bluegrass band from Henry County, they offered a jocular goofiness and a heavy down-home style teetering on the line between lewd and endearing. Although the Cousin Brothers stomped out a solid set of songs involving transsexual uncles, boobs and a certain shade of lipstick, in the end, their blows didn’t land. They may not have left home with the blue ribbon, but they did get 1,540 votes and some used brassieres.

Not a bad consolation prize for a bunch of Hoosier country boys.

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