Review: IRT's 'Nobody Don't Like Yogi' 

click to enlarge Actor Mark Goetzinger plays baseball great Yogi Berra in this one-man show. - ZACH ROSING
  • Actor Mark Goetzinger plays baseball great Yogi Berra in this one-man show.
  • Zach Rosing

3 stars
Indiana Repertory Theatre, directed by Tim Ocel, through Oct. 23.

"You can't lose if you win." "It's not over 'til it's over." "Nobody goes there anymore - it's too crowded." The oft-quoted baseball great Yogi Berra reminds me of the men who were old when I was a girl. To me, they were all big of nose and belly, pressed yet somehow still crumpled, and talking more than thinking. In Tom Lysaght's one-man play about Berra, ideas are small compared to emotions, especially Berra's adoration of his wife, reverence for baseball legends and protective love of his children.

As Berra, Mark Goetzinger strikes the perfect tone of a humble man who always tries his best. Through Berra's scattered memories of managing the Mets and the Yankees and getting fired by George Steinbrenner, we learn that although he mixed up words once in a while, his actions were mostly right on, if old-fashioned. While some of us "young gals" like a man to bend prose tightly around ideas, there's still a generation of theatergoers that will embrace this play's sentimental heart and Berra's goofy words. The delighted laughter of one smitten woman sitting behind me last Friday night made this clear.

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