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Indy Scream Park (slideshow)
Indy Scream Park (slideshow) Indy Scream Park (slideshow) Indy Scream Park (slideshow) Indy Scream Park (slideshow) Indy Scream Park (slideshow) Indy Scream Park (slideshow) Indy Scream Park (slideshow) Indy Scream Park (slideshow)

Indy Scream Park (slideshow)

Six attractions are included in the price of admission to Indy Scream Park, including the new Brickmore Asylum, the disorienting Bedlam 3D and the Monster Midway (home to Casketball).

By Mark A. Lee

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A gay guy and his female friend walk into a haunted house: Guess who screamed like a girl while his "friend" laughed at him the entire time? Fine. You caught me! Anderson's Indy Scream Park (5211 S. New Columbus Road, Anderson) is well worth both the drive and the price.

Six attractions are included with a ticket, and I'd recommend paying the extra $10 online for a VIP ticket, which gives you front of the line access to all of the attractions. Their newest attraction is the Brickmore Asylum, where attention to detail is astounding, and the actors take their job very, very seriously.

Out of all of the attractions, the most unsettling is Bedlam 3D. You're given 3D glasses to wear, which have a tendency to disorient you in the first place. Then they add in a bunch of scary clowns. Thankfully, emergency exits are within 50 feet at all times. (I did not make use of any of the emergency exits - I'm not that gay! But I may have told a zombie or two that my female friend had more meat on her bones than I do.)

The outdoor Infected attraction takes a close second in terms of its fear factor. Flames light up the sky as you approach the home of a demented woman who is looking forward to making you her next meal.

There's also a Monster Midway, where you can play Casketball, or have your photo taken with your favorite monster. Plus food, beer and Tarot card readings.


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