Review: Indiana Historic Ghost Walk and Tours 

click to enlarge A private ghost walk in Westfield last November at the Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery.
  • A private ghost walk in Westfield last November at the Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery.
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Indiana Historic Ghost Walk and Tours
Westfield, Ind.

This chilling and chilly walk through Westfield shares ghost stories at local haunts and anecdotes from the underground railroad. I appreciated that our guide, Nicole Kobrowski, invited everyone to identify as skeptics, true believers or fence-walkers, explaining that we all experience our own reality of the ghost world. The tour included our guide's personal experience investigating these locations with her business partner and husband, as well as stories from business proprietors and home owners of the various locations.

With a direct connection to the communities they investigate and access to the Indiana Historical Society's records, the Kobrowskis strive to dig for truth - not to sell ghostly parlor tricks and make-believe stories. Our guide's conversational presentation created a fluid atmosphere, where tourists felt comfortable asking questions and sharing their supernatural experiences. And though she was easily distracted by our surroundings at high-traffic stops, she capably jumped back into her stories after each disturbance.

Tours through Lockerbie, Chatham Arch, the Wholesale District in downtown Indianapolis, Noblesville and Hamilton County present a buffet of Indiana's ghoulish history. Historic Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours have cornered the market on local ghost tourism.

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